Playing through Nov. 3rd at the Penumbra Theater: PIPELINE

21 Oct 2019 12:39 PM | Anne Zaslofsky (Administrator)

NASP and MSPA support the Social Justice objective to “Expand school psychologists’ skills in promoting equity and implementing non-discriminatory practices.” 

The Penumbra Theater has extended its highly acclaimed play PIPELINE to November 3rd by playwright Dominique Morisseau which is grounded in her experience as a mother of color and a New York City teacher within an intimate, insightful, and heartbreaking drama of one mother’s anguish to keep her son safe.  The Broadway review states:

Because Morisseau drops us into both public and private school dilemmas for people of color, we gain insight into the deep inequities in our educational systems in this country, though this never feels like an 'issue play' for two reasons: there is no grasping for simple resolutions and the characters are so thoroughly imagined.

Further review at Talking Broadway  Note play has subsequently  been extended to November 3rd.

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