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Welcome future school psychologists to the Minnesota School Psychologists Association (MSPA) website!

Student Membership

MSPA appreciates and values its student members and their fresh perspectives so we really encourage you to join! As a member, you can participate in regional and state activities and have opportunities to network with future colleagues and potential employers. MSPA encourages student membership by recognizing that money is usually tight for students and offering a reduced membership fee. Students who are enrolled, full time, in college, or who are working as interns, are eligible for reduced rates.

Student Representatives

MSPA sponsors two student representatives each from Minnesota State University Moorhead, University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University Mankato. Student representatives are responsible for communication regarding student activities at the Midwinter Conference, are invited to participate in MSPA Board Retreats, and can get a jump start on being active in your state association! (Being a student representative to the Board of Directors of MSPA looks particularly nice on a vita!)

Students at the MSPA Midwinter Conference

Student Volunteers

Student volunteers are needed for assistance at the Midwinter Conference. Once again, MSPA offers students an opportunity to afford attendance at the conference through a reduced conference rate for volunteering.

Student Activities

The MSPA Midwinter Conference is usually an excellent experience for students. In addition to experiencing presentations from some of the leaders in our field, you can also get to know fellow school psychologist students from other programs and experience a bit of the area where the conference is held.

Insight into Minnesota Licensure

School Psychologists Minnesota Licensure Requirements

Access a copy of 8710.6200 Minnesota requirements for licensure as a School Psychologist.

Applications to Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)

Access directions for completing the MDE application for licensure as a School Psychologist in the state of Minnesota.

During your internship year in the state of MN, you will apply for a limited full-time school psychologist license. After your internship year, if you have then completed your Ed.S. or Doctorate degree (including thesis/dissertation), then you are eligible to apply for a full-time school psychologist license. If after your internship year you do not complete your thesis/dissertation prior to the start of the next school year, you will need to apply for a 2nd limited full time license. Currently the state of MN allows for up to three limited-full time licenses; therefore, you have up to three years from the start of your internship to complete your degree in order to continue working as a school psychologist.

NCSP meets requirements for MDE license renewal

Access a copy of the legislative resolution recognizing the NCSP as meeting the requirements for licensure as a School Psychologist in the state of Minnesota.

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