Executive Committee 

It shall be the function of this committee of board elected officers (President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer) to provide leadership and guidance for the MSPA organization. Public or media statements and other representations of MSPA (not subject to full board approval) shall be approved by the executive committee before proceeding. The executive committee shall make a decision in the absence of a quorum of the full board and when given a time-sensitive circumstance. It shall be the function of this committee to provide a slate of nominees for each election. This committee shall actively recruit candidates from throughout the state and shall issue ballots for the election. This committee shall collect and disburse dues and monies, shall prepare an annual budget proposal, shall keep the Executive Board informed of the current financial status of the organization, and shall report relevant financial information at the annual meeting. This committee shall develop and implement specific awards to honor professionals and others who contribute to the profession of school psychology and/or the welfare of children.

Membership & Engagement Committee

This committee shall maintain an up-to-date mailing list and shall organize and implement periodic membership drives to insure bringing as many eligible individuals as possible into the organization. It shall be the function of this committee to carry out such public relations activities as: releasing to schools and to the general public publicity concerning meetings, speakers, and election of officers; to prepare informational releases at the request of the Executive Board; and to acquire, maintain, and distribute upon request, information on school psychology. It shall be the function of this committee to increase participation and membership of school psychologists working throughout the state and to represent the regional needs and concerns of school psychologists to the Executive Board. Each of the eight regions are represented on this committee by a Regional Representative. It shall be the function of this committee to recruit student representatives from area school psychology graduate programs.

Legislative Affairs Committee

It shall be the function of this committee to monitor the Minnesota Department of Education, the state legislature, and other governmental bodies regarding actions and policies affecting education and related issues. This committee shall also keep the membership informed of proposed policies and actions of governmental bodies and, when appropriate, organize lobbying efforts in an attempt to influence these actions. This committee may help to educate candidates or officials who may not be aware of issues in education and mental health. The committee shall work to have all members politically aware and active.

Continuing Education Committee

It shall be the function of this committee to take responsibility for the planning and implementation of the program and arrangements for professional development, subject to Executive Board approval.

Equity, Ethics, and Professional Practices

It shall be the function of this committee to promote best practices in the profession of school psychology by providing peer consultation, information, resources, encouragement and support to members. This committee shall also be responsible for handling concerns regarding working conditions and support members in maintaining and improving working conditions and employment. This committee shall advocate for the use of evidence based training and practice to increase enactment of professional ethical standards which embrace diversity through social justice. The committee will work to enact social justice through culturally-responsive professional practice and advocacy to create schools, communities, and systems that ensure equity and fairness for all children and youth.

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